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Cheetah 10mmX460mm (16"x18") SDS+ Masonry Drill Bit

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The Cheetah Series bits are our fastest bits.  We recommend these bits to our construction customers because they work exceptionally well in concrete. When time is important use a Cheetah.  Our tests showed that the Cheetah bit could be up to twice as fast in concrete and materials similar to concrete such as Andesite and some Granites.  One of the aspects that help the Cheetah bit drill faster is the harder carbide it uses.  However, this harder carbide is more brittle than standard carbide so it is not recommend to use the Cheetah bits on very hard material such as quartz.  The Cheetah bits work in any SDS and SDS+ drill, you can also use an SDS Max with an adapter however this is a slower system due to the lower BPM produced by the SDS Max. 

The (16"x18") Cheetah SDS bit is great for the use of one Cartridge and up to two Boosters.  .  For more information about why we sell bits of varying length check out our video section. (Videos Coming Soon)

For the length notation of (16"x18"): 16" notes the usable length and 18" notes the total length of the bit.